U-Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow with Cotton Cover (Purple)

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Color: Purple


  • RELIEVE THE PAIN:The u shaped body pillow can provide support for the head, shoulders, back, abdomen and legs, support the weight of the abdomen, relieve the back pain symptoms of pregnant women, and provide a more comfortable sleeping environment.This pregnancy pillow is foldable into multiple position to elevate your leg to improve blood circulation. Relieving pregnancy swelling is so important for pregnant women.
  • MULTIPLE USES:Pregnant women can use u-shaped pillows when they sleep, and can also be used when reading books, breastfeeding, and holding babies. It can also be used by people with sleep disorders or those who like to sleep on the side. The U-shaped design can wrap the whole body, providing ample sense of secure, and there is no need to worry about turning around and affecting sleep all night.
  • REMOVABLE&WASHABLE COVER: The pregnancy pillow cover is made of pure cotton material and is filled with soft polyester fiber to maintain long-lasting fluffiness. The pillowcase for pregnant women has a zipper that is easy to disassemble, machine washable, re-washable, durable and does not deform or pilling. Regular cleaning of the pillowcase is an important guarantee for maintaining hygiene.
  • DIMENSION: 51x27x6in (130x70x15cm) We ship in vacuum packaging, the package size is 13x13x10in (33x33x25cm), you can open the bag after receiving the goods, put it for 5 minutes, the pregnancy body pillow can be restored to a fluffy state.


-U-shaped design can fit the body curve of pregnant women very well.
-Memory foam body pillow keeps fluffy for a long time.
-It can support the abdomen of pregnant women.
-Alleviate the pain in the back, legs and other body parts of pregnant women
-Can be placed under the legs to relieve the swelling of the legs and feet of pregnant women and promote blood circulation
-The U shaped pregnancy pillow is the best gift for pregnant and lactating mothers, and people with sleep disorders or sideways will love this gift.