SWDPORT U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow, Full Body Maternity Pillows, Sleeping On Side with Zipper Removable Velvet Cover, Support Abdomen/Waist/Back/Head (Gray)

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Color: Gray


  • 1. 55 inch Full body support, PAIN RELIEF And COMFORTABLE SLEEP: support the waist, legs, and abdomen, to achieve the effect of relaxing the whole body. It’s like boyfriend hugging. Can effectively alleviate symptoms during pregnancy. Effectively relieve low back pain and pain in late pregnancy, including fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, elimination of rolling and so on.
  • 2. Helping side sleeping: Experts suggest that pregnant women use the sleeping position on the left side, which is more conducive to the healthy development of the baby. The product can make sleeping on the side more comfortable. The memory foam design does not deform.
  • 3. double-layer design, easy to remove and wash: long-term unwashed, pregnant women with bacteria or viruses hidden in the pillow, harmful to the health of pregnant women and fetus. Double-layer design can be easily removed and washed.
  • 4. protect the baby: fix the sleeping position of the newborn baby, prevent the baby from rolling and avoid the danger of falling off the bed and being injured.
  • 5. multiple uses: instead of standard pillows, can be used for multiple purposes. Sleep as a pillow. Read on the bed and watch TV. Full body support to help relieve back pain and get better sleep


SWDPORT Pregnancy Pillow, solve your pregnancy problems. Protect your newborn baby’s growth.

  • Full Body, U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow can function as Double C Shaped Pillow. Whether you face left or right, it can alleviate your sleeplessness and fatigue.
  • Ultra-soft fabric design to minimize the pain to you during pregnancy.
  • Our pillow for pregnant women can be used during your pregnancy. After your child is born, you can still provide sleep protection for your newborn.

Our professional team studies all kinds of troubles of women during pregnancy and strives to improve the sleep quality of pregnant women. Protect the health of you and your fetus. When you are in the following pain: poor pose, people in physical therapy or recovering from an entry, back pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, you need our products. Anyone who needs a deep sleep, you also need our products. Working during pregnancy may cause a variety of physical pain. Using our products can help you find a comfortable position. Link your pain at work. You can even do your work on the sofa. Our products help you to have a variety of physical discomfort when you watch TV and listen to music. Improve your appetite effectively. Help you get more nutrition. Help the fetus grow.