NURSAL White Noise Sound Machine Portable Sleep Therapy

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Color: White


  • 24 SOOTHING SOUNDS:With built-in high-end quality speaker, this sound machine offers you a comfortable & relaxing listening experience. NURSAL white noise machine is equipped with 24 Non-looping sound recordings of high quality including 8 White Noise, 8 Fan Sounds,and 8 Relaxing Natural Sounds (rain forest, birds, waves, summer night, clock, brook, rain, mother’s heartbeat)
  • TIMER & MEMORY FUNCTIONS: NURSAL sound machine supports continuous play or auto-off timer for 30, 60 or 120mins so you can sleep more soundly without the worry to manually turn off the machine; automatically restores your previous volume, sound and time so you don’t bother to push buttons all the time!
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE for HOME or TRAVELLING: Measured 5.4 x 5.4 x 2.7 inches, the white noise sound machine takes up small space on your table and could be easily packed into your handbag, backpack or suitcase. No matter you are using it at home or for a business trip, it creates a comfortable & similar atmosphere for your better sleep anywhere. (supporting 3.5mm earphone)
  • 2 POWER SUPPLY MODES: The White noise machine can be powered by 4XAA battery or usb plug, and includes a usb cable (NOTE: Battery & Adapter IS NOT INCLUDED). Suitable to use it in different position. Also, this is not just a marvelous sleep therapy sound machine. It is handy that this white noise machine contains a built-in USB output charger for convenient charging for your phone


Timer & Memory Functions

The sleeping sound machine features 3 timer options:30,60,120 mins auto-off or continual running without set a timer,which is great for taking nap,relaxation,meditation and concentration.

Even more convenient is when you need it to work, the memory function will restore all the sound, night light settings from the last time you turned it off.

Earphone Jack& 1 USB Output

This portable white noise machine built-in a headphone jack allows you to listen privately so you won’t disturb others around you .

Also you can charge other devices with the NURSAL white noise machine. Free up more charging space.

High Fidelity Speaker

The device is equipped with dual speakers,high-fidelity and stable release of each kind of audio through a high-quality speaker.

3 Power Sources

NURSAL Sound machine power source supports USB /AC power OR Battery filled -in to suit different environments.

(Note: It only comes with one USB cable for charging, adapter or battery is not included in this package)