Meiz Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped, Pregnancy Body Pillow for Pregnant Women with Pregnancy Pillow Cotton Cover, Blue & Pink

$83.42 $74.48


Brand: Meiz

Color: Blue & Pink


  • Cooling Pregnancy Body Pillow Cover / 55 Inch
  • PREGNANCY PILLOW WITH PREMIUM MATERIAL-The outer pregnancy body pillow cover is 100% soft cotton and the inner cover is durable brushed fabric. The filling is premium polyester, which offers persistent comfort and is full and durable. The pregnancy pillow case is machine washable and comes with a double zipper for easy removal and cleaning. Also, you can remove some filling to adjust to your height or desired firmness.
  • U BODY PILLOW FOR EVERYONE-The unique design follows the shape of human body, which is an over-sized U-shape, and is long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body. This u shaped body pillow is not only an useful pregnancy gift for pregnant women, but also a cool gift for everyone who is eager for a better sleep.
  • PREGNANCY MATERNITY PILLOW FOR DEEPLY SLEEP – Meiz u shaped pregnancy pillow is ideal for sciatica relief, relief of leg swelling and back pain, prevents pressure on the liver, prevents hypertension syndrome, eliminates tossing and turning; As well as helps support the head, back, belly, sides, knees, hip and feet. People may experience varying results.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL PREGNANCY PILLOW U SHAPED – This body pillow is very suitable for side sleeper, back sleeper and stomach sleeper. Creates a relax & comfortable position for sleeping, reading, nursing, watching TV etc. The total body u shaped of this maternity pillow provides a painless and good sleep.
  • Great gift to show your loved ones, family or friends that you really care about their relaxation and health with meiz u shaped full body maternity pillow.


Meiz maternity pillow creates a belly support position for sleeping, reading, watching TV, breastfeeding, etc. Effectively replace the needs of multiple bed pillows and cradle your body and help you enjoy a restful night’s sleep. The pregnancy body pillow is great for mothers to be or those who suffer from upper body pain, joint pain, leg swelling and back pain and super comfortable for anyone who is needing more support, recovering from surgery and so on! Help to keep your back and spine in a neutral position.It is specifically ideal for those who toss and turn all night long. This maternity body pillow is really a life saver for the side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper. Ideal for sciatica relieve leg swelling and back pain, prevent the oppression of the liver, prevention of hypertension syndrome, etc. People may experience varying results. This soft cushy pillow provides support for comfy feeding positions and is easily molded into various shapes. The total body maternity pillow can create multiple positions for reading, watching TV, sleeping, and nursing, to get more support. Perfect to use it on your bed, sofa or even the floor! It’s easy to take it to travel when you put it in a vacuum compression bag.It’s a good choice as a gift for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas! 100% soft cotton outer cover is breathable and Machine Washable. The machine washable pillowcase comes with a double zipper for easy removal and cleaning. This adjustable Polyethylene 7D Hollow Fiber Filling without smelling retains fluffiness for better performance and longer use.