Ergobaby Breastfeeding Pillow with Cover, Natural Curve, Vintage Blue

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Brand: Ergobaby

Color: Vintage Blue


  • Imported
  • Developed with lactation experts and lots of nursing moms, the pillow addresses the main concerns for nursing mothers, including Latch, Comfort, Back Pain and Arm Support.
  • Unique contour positions baby tummy-to-tummy for comfortable breastfeeding support and pillow wraps around waist to provide an armrest
  • Places baby at a comfortable height and position to reduce back pain from slouching and baby’s head rests above tummy which may aid digestion
  • Handle for easy carry and maneuvering, plus firm foam maintains shape feed after feed for lasting support
  • Interior lining offers extra protection against spills, while plush pillow cover is comfortable for baby and is removable + machine washable


Nothing is more naturally beautiful than feeding your child. We listened to the concerns moms commonly express about breastfeeding and thoughtfully designed a solution. The NEW Ergo baby Natural Curve Nursing pillow is made from solid foam with a unique contour to help properly position baby tummy-to-tummy for a good latch and at a height that saves you from slouching. Firm and ergonomically structured, it maintains its shape over time for lasting support.

Ergonomic Positioning

Unique contour positions baby tummy-to-tummy for easier nursing and reduced rolling.

Supports Baby’s head above tummy which may aid digestion.

Lasting Support

Thick, firm foam maintains shape for lasting support, keeping baby at a comfortable height and supporting the full weight of baby.

Conveniently within Reach

With Easy Carry Handle.

Removable Cover is Fully Machine Washable.

Added Protection

Extra dense foam resists moisture absorption, and Interior lining offers extra protection against spills, and reduces yellowing.

Breastfeeding Support

Two sides for varied support & positioning.

Flat side offers a little more of a boost for newborns or caregivers with long torsos.

Contoured side to roll baby in tummy to tummy.

Bottle Feeding Support

Reduce arm fatigue for mom, dad or other family members helping give baby a meal.

Tummy Time

Great for propping & tummy time as baby grows.


A great support for burping or place to sit and chill once you’re done feeding.

For Infants in the first few Weeks

Use the curved or flat side of the pillow to support your arms while they support baby. Make sure to support baby’s head, neck and shoulders to keep baby’s body in a straight line from head to neck to tummy.

As baby grows, you will more than likely transition to utilize the pillow to support the baby without your arms underneath.

Experiment with various positions to see what works for you and your baby.

Football Hold

Position the Natural Curve Nursing-Pillow-with the curved side positioned around your side with one of the raised ends resting on your lap.

Pick up baby so his head is on the pillow resting on your lap, with his body lying next to you at your side. Experiment with positioning of pillow and baby to find what works for you.

As Baby Grows

If baby is getting bigger, and may be feeling a bit cramped, allow one side of the pillow to move away from your body, giving more room for baby’s legs while still offering support to baby’s head. Try rotating the pillow around you to place baby’s head on a lower point along the curve.