Cheer Collection Memory Foam Maternity Wedge Cushion | Pregnancy Pain Relief Belly Support Pillow with Removable Microplush Washable Cover

$28.99 $22.33


Brand: Cheer Collection

Color: Gray


  • ★ ERGONOMIC – Wedge shaped design for a snug fit under your tummy provides excellent support and alleviates pain especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimester
  • ★ PAIN RELIEF – Improves circulation and relieves discomfort for pregnant women suffering from sciatica, back pain or other aches associated with pregnancy
  • ★ MANY USES – Alleviates pressure in many areas of the body, relief after surgery, or for added comfort when laying in bed on your back, side, or stomach
  • ★ SUPER COMFORTABLE – Firm, high density memory foam and a microplush fabric cover with a soft velvety feel that provides belly comfort when you need it most
  • ★ CONVENIENT – Removable cover can be machine washed in cold water. Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and great for traveling


Cheer Collection’s Ultra Supportive Memory Foam Pregnancy Wedge Pillow helps moms-to-be find comfort by reducing the pain and pressure on their body. The wedge cushion is the perfect shape to support your growing belly, aching back, or sore legs. The memory foam conforms around your body to relieve discomfort at any trimester and even after giving birth. The luxurious cover is ultra-soft and smooth to the touch. Cheer Collection’s maternity wedge pillow is compact, perfect for use around the home and even for travel. The wedge pregnancy pillow gently cradles your belly so you can experience a better night’s sleep. Positioned against your belly for luxurious comfort, it provides long-lasting comfort by supporting your tummy so you don’t have to toss and turn. The pillow can be placed at your back to provide support and alleviate pain. The memory foam cushion helps take the pressure off your spine and relieve back pain and discomfort due to pregnancy, sciatica, nerve pain and muscle strains. Place the cushion between your knees to relieve pregnancy pain and swelling in your legs and feet. The wedge pillow removes pressure to your joints for all-night comfort. Our innovative design features two layers of premium memory foam. One side is firmer for a more supportive feel, and the other is softer for a more supple feel. Try it out and see which you prefer – it’s easy to flip over as desired. Keeping your maternity pillow fresh and clean is easy. The zippered fabric cover is easily removed for machine washing and drying.