What is the Shape of My Pregnant Belly

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One of the most common things to think about during pregnancy is the cute round pregnancy belly women get when the baby starts to get a little bigger. But what about when that cute round D-shaped belly, stays more in the shape of a B? It’s actually more common than you would think, especially in ladies who carry more weight around their mid section.

What determines the shape of your belly all comes down to genetics. Just like anything else, depending on how you are built, depends on how you will carry. Ladies who have an apron belly, or mother’s belly (where there is an extra bit of fat or skin that hangs down) are more prone to having this kind of belly. Also, if there are any ladies who have lost a lot of weight and may have a little extra skin hanging, you can develop a B-belly as well.

What does that mean in regards to the health and safety of my baby? Absolutely nothing! My practitioner has seen this kind of belly before and it is nothing to be alarmed about. Rest assured that the shape of your belly is just that, a shape. If you are worried, of course speak with your doctor and they might have more information to provide you with.

Will my B-belly turn into a D-belly? Maybe. No two pregnancies are the same, and no two bodies are the same. There are some women who have a B-belly who know they are about ready to give birth when their belly “pops” and the line separating their belly forms the shape of a D. Not all women experience this though, and some stay a B shape the whole time.

No matter what shape your belly is, just remember you want to try to eat a healthy diet and get a moderate amount of exercise. Everything you’re doing is for your new little one. The belly shape doesn’t matter, just the bundle of joy growing in it.