Weight Gain & Pregnancy

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You’re pregnant and think you can eat whatever you want now, right? All those late night cravings for pickles and ice cream sound amazing, you are eating for two after all. I hate to burst your bubble, but you still need to watch what you eat, and try to gain only a healthy amount of weight during your pregnancy. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t give into your cravings—you are pregnant after all. Just eat things in moderation.

The truth is, you only need about an extra 300 calories a day, not a full extra set of calories to maintain a healthy pregnancy. The normal amount of weight gain per body type is as follows:

Underweight: 28 to 40 pounds
Normal weight: 25 to 35 pounds
Overweight: 15 to 25 pounds
Obese: 11 to 20 pounds

If you are having twins, you will be packing on even more pounds, and that amount is as follows:

Underweight: 50 to 62 pounds
Normal weight: 37 to 54 pounds
Overweight: 31 to 50 pounds
Obese: 25 to 42 pounds.

This is not to say you will gain that much, or you might even go over it. The general rule of thumb is to try to stay in that range.

So how do you stay within that weight range? Exercise and a healthy diet. You want to make sure you are eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. Try to avoid processed foods (I know, Cheetos are so good and baby wants them as much as you do).

Weight gain varies between each trimester. During 1st trimester your baby is so small you shouldn’t gain more than 2-4 pounds. During 2nd trimester is when things pick up and you should be gaining a large amount of weight during this time, roughly 12-14 pounds. This is when you baby is doing a lot of growing. By 3rd trimester baby will continue to grow, but the amount of weight gain you see will probably start to taper off, especially toward the final weeks. Expect to gain around 8-10 pounds during this time.

Here is a breakdown of where all the weight gets distributed.
Baby: 7.5 pounds
Placenta: 1.5 pounds
Amniotic fluid: 2 pounds
Uterine enlargement: 2 pounds
Maternal breast tissue: 2 pounds
Maternal blood volume: 4 pounds
Fluids in maternal tissue: 4 pounds
Maternal fat stores: 7 pounds

Once it’s finally time to meet your little one, you’re going to lose about half the baby weight within an hour of him or her being out in the world.