Supporting Your Partner During Pregnancy

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While your partner was involved in the process of getting you pregnant, they have taken a step back and are letting you do all the hard work. The next nine months are going to be long, but just because your partner isn’t growing the baby, doesn’t mean they can’t be there to support you.

Here are some things your partner can do to support you and to make this pregnancy a little easier.

Have a hot date planned, but suddenly you are too tired, or not feeling well? Whether it is in the early stages of pregnancy (when you don’t look pregnant yet), or even later on, let them know and ask if they can pick up your favorite food and watch a movie instead. I’m sure your partner would love to order in, knowing it’s going to make you happy.

Have him help more around the house. You are going to be tired and there are going to be days when you just want to take a nap or be a lump. Have him help with more chores around the house, or even make dinner a night or two. I’m sure they will be more than happy to help a little more, knowing you can get a little more sleep to help grow that baby nice and strong.

Craving something you don’t have in the house? Your partner is probably more than happy to run out to get it for you. Ice cream, cheese curls, burger from your favorite joint…when those pregnancy cravings kick in, you can’t live without that one item!

Have your partner give you a nice massage, or draw a bath (not too hot of course). You can have your own little spa and work out some of the stress kinks you have. Between work, growing a baby, and maintaining a house, you have a lot going on. Let your partner pamper you for a little while and make you feel better.

Have your partner involved in your medical care. It’s helpful if your partner is in on the care plan your OB has put together for you, especially if you are on any kind of medication. They can help you remember to take it incase you forget (pregnancy brain is real my friend). Also, this is a good way for your partner to be involved and ask questions that may be on their mind. You may be going through all this, but it doesn’t mean your partner won’t have questions along the way.

Roll with the punches. This is hard on both of you, and your hormones will be raging all over the place. One minute you are laughing, the next you are crying. Let your partner lend a shoulder or ear for whatever you are feeling, and be there for you emotionally and physically if you need.

There are so many more ways for your partner to be involved during this pregnancy and supporting you. Open the lines of communication and make sure you express what you need.