Signs That You May Be Pregnant

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Most women know their bodies better than anyone and can usually detect pregnancy symptoms, even unusual ones. Some women experience pregnancy symptoms that are uncommon, and others may even find a little strange. An example could be a woman who never gets up in the middle of the night to pee, but suddenly starts to. While frequent urination is not uncommon, for this woman the symptom is so different than normal, she knows right away. Therefore, when she started to get up overnight to pee again, she knew to take a test, and sure enough she was pregnant again.

Some women also have other medical conditions and can mistake pregnancy symptoms for those.  This can include cramping and pain in the stomach leading a woman to think she has a cyst or other medical condition and she may seek medical attention. In some cases, if this is normal or the woman, she may not think anything of it, as she is used to the unexplained pain. In some cases, she may think something worse and go to the emergency room, only to find out there that she’s actually expecting.

In most cases, if a woman tells a doctor she thinks she is pregnant, they will do some sort of follow-up to confirm the pregnancy. Constipation, headaches, and slight dizziness are some of the symptoms women say alerted them that something was not right with their bodies. A lot of women do not know the early signs of pregnancy, and until the test is positive, they may start thinking the worst. Normal pregnancy symptoms of pregnancy include missing a menstrual period, sore breasts, tiredness, morning sickness that can last part or all day and frequent urination.

A lot of women are very emotional in the beginning, and anything can change their mood. A person speaking to them in an unpleasant manner may be subjected to an outburst of tears or even anger. Crying over meaningless thing (events, commercials, phone calls) is also a symptom most women don’t expect to have when they become pregnant. Not even women will experience this symptom.

Random food cravings may start sooner than later, although this normally happens later in pregnancy. This may even include foods you never used to like. This could be a sign that you taste buds are changing, or it could be an early pregnancy symptom. Pickles and ice cream, anyone? You may be hungry all the time and not able to get enough to eat or you may be the exact opposite and not have any appetite for food, even though you don’t feel ill. Either way, when you are able to eat foods, look for foods that are healthy and nutritious.

Normal pregnancy symptoms are based on a high percentage of women who reported these symptoms at initial doctor’s appointments. Even if you have ones the “normal” signs of pregnancy, such as nausea, tiredness, backache and sore breasts, that doesn’t mean your symptoms are any less important. Also remember, each pregnancy is different and the symptoms you experience may vary from pregnancy to pregnancy.