Prepping Nursery for Baby

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You have scoured the internet for the best of everything for your bundle of joy. You want him/her to have the best furniture, crib, and all the accessories. You have read countless blogs and now it’s time to order everything, and you realize it’s too much.

What do you actually need for baby? Turns out, not as much as you would think.

Let’s start with the basics. Baby will need a place to sleep. The American Board of Pediatrics recommends baby rooms with the parents until at least 6 months. This may or may not work for you as new parents. One thing to know about newborns is they are LOUD. Also, some people’s house’s may not be set up in a way to accommodate that. You make it work for your family.

If you decide to room with baby, they will need a bassinet (or some people use a pack n play) in their rooms. If not, you want to make sure you invest in a crib with a fitted firm mattress. In the US, the FDA regulates things such as baby mattress, so as long as the mattress is made to fit the crib, there should be no issues. Avoid the cute bumpers, blankets, stuffed animals, or anything baby might be able to pull over their faces.

You need some sort of changing table. Some people put them on top of a dresser, others have a dedicated changing table. Figure out what will work for your family, and get whatever you like.

A baby monitor or owlet sock is a great thing to have, but not necessary until baby is in their own room. If they are in their own room from the beginning, it would be wise to add it to the registry, or pick one up.

A nightlight is super handy for diaper changes in the middle of the night so you don’t wake baby up fully, or also for feedings. You will be awake more often in the dark, and it would be great to be able to fall back asleep sooner rather than later.

A sound machine can be useful too, especially if your house makes a lot of odd noises. Here at Quality Pregnancy Pillows we sell an assortment of them to choose from here. Check out our collection today.

Other than deciding on how you want to paint the walls, or what artwork you want to display, as far as furniture goes, you can see there isn’t a lot on the list that are have to have’s. Save all that for what baby needs (diapers, toys, enrichment activities, clothes etc).