Preparing Yourself for Pregnancy

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There are so many things you think of when you are preparing for your baby, but most of them are the material things, or items you need to check off for when they arrive. The other aspects of it are the mental, physical and even your relationship with your partner and how they will be effected.

Mentally, you think it will be easy. Get pregnant, have a few random cravings, maybe some morning sickness; but that will all go away. Yes and no. Some of the symptoms as you go along will change or even go away, but pregnancy is so much more than symptoms. Every mom-to-be (and dad-to-be) can be stressed about the baby. Is the baby still okay? Am I doing everything I can to keep this baby safe? What was the random symptom and is it actually something bad?

This is common, especially in a first pregnancy, or after a miscarriage. Everyone goes through this, and the best way to prepare for it, is it trust your body. Once you get pregnant, as long as you are following the guidelines by your practitioner, you need to try to relax and trust that your body knows what’s best for you and the baby.

Now that you are hopefully in the right frame of mind, the next part if physically. There are going to be some days when the only thing you want to do is lay in bed because you are so exhausted. That’s okay, as long as on days when you’re feeling good, you try to get a bit of exercise. The goal is to strive for 30 minutes of activity 5 days a week. Also, trying to keep this low impact and not too intense. Walking will be your friend as you can control the pace and distance easily.

You also want to try to maintain a healthy diet. This can be really troublesome in the beginning when you don’t feel like eating, but once you can try to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Water should be the main drink of choice as you need to increase your amount to keep from getting dehydrated. Water will also help with any potential swelling of your hands of feet.

Emotionally is more than just your emotions. It’s also crucial you spend time with your partner, as their lives are going to be changing  too. They may not have to deal with the raging hormones, but they will have to deal with your raging hormones. Make sure to keep the lines of communication open and tell them when you need something. They are here to support you, and while all eyes will be on you, they want to also feel included.

Still schedule dates, or see if they can come to some of the appointments with you. You chose to be with this person, make sure they know while life is going to change, how you feel about them is going to stay the same and you still need them.