Pregnant With Multiples

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Wow! You and your partner have tried so long for a baby, and when you go to your first appointment, you learn you aren’t carrying one baby, but two (or even more)! After you have gotten over your initial shock, you have started settling into the idea of the cute matching outfits, and cute pictures of them together.

Being pregnant with twins isn’t like it used to be. Modern medicine has come a long way and most of the time, these pregnancies usually aren’t any more complicated than a singleton. You will probably see the OB more frequently, and your birthing plan may have to change, but over all, you shouldn’t expect it to be too different.

Prenatal care with twins isn’t much different than with a singleton. I’ve touched upon how you may see your OB more often, but the amount you eat and the amount and types of exercise you do when pregnant are going to be very similar. Make sure any exercise is approved by your practitioner before starting. If you have been approved to do it, keep it gentle. You will want to avoid anything that puts extra pressure on your cervix or anything that will cause downward pressure.

Some approved exercises include: stretching, swimming, prenatal yoga, light weight training, riding a stationary bike, and kegels. Most practitioners if they give you the green light will do so during the first and second trimesters. You don’t want to do anything that is going to raise your internal temperature too much, and you don’t want to push it. Once you reach the third trimester, you may find it difficult with all the extra weight and the size of your belly.

Do twins run in your family? You may be wondering how this could have happened. As it turns on, heredity on the mother’s side ups a couple’s odds of conceiving fraternal twins (different eggs); where as it doesn’t on the father’s side. This is true even if families are packed with twins. Do twins skip a generation? Yes and no. How it works is if a man inherits the hyperovulation gene from his mother, he can pass it to a daughter who then could conceive twins.

Just like any pregnancy, there are some risks that are involved, and when you have multiple babies, the risks can increase. Some of the main complications can include: low birth weight, and early delivery. Both of these can be cause for concern, and your new babies may have to spend a little bit of time in the NICU. Once they are strong enough, you will be able to take them home and spend some much needed time in your own space.

Multiples can be such a blessing. You know what they say, double the fun!