Lesser Known Pregnancy Symptoms

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Most people know the common side effects of carrying a baby. Fatigue, morning sickness and bloating are a few of the most common ones. The human body is so interesting though, and there are so many other symptoms that won’t show up on a list of common pregnancy side effects. Until you experience them, you would have no idea some are even a possibility.

Today I want to talk about some of the lesser known symptoms that you may or may not experience while carrying your little one.

You may have extra spit. You know the feeling when you are really sick, and are close to throwing up? You know how you salivate even more during this? This may be something you experience during pregnancy, even without the morning sickness! Experts aren’t sure why some women experience this, but it is completely normal and harmless. You may just spend more time swallowing than most.

You may also be congested. One of the worst symptoms of the common cold is not being able to breathe through your nose. Congratulations, you may also experience this oh so fun symptom because of pregnancy. The extra estrogen in your body can cause the mucus cavities in your nose to swell and cause congestion, nose bleeds, and even snoring. Now it’s time to get back at your man for all those times he’s kept you up!

You may experience leg cramps. Have you ever woken up out of a dead sleep because your calf muscle has seized up and you have to jump out of bed to tame the beast? No? Well, you might get to experience it now. The reason this happens is unknown, but there are studies out there that suggest extra pressure on the blood vessels could be the cause of it. While it’s annoying, and maybe even a little painful, it is harmless.

Your feet may grow. Have a cute pair of shoes you’ve been dying to wear again after you lose your baby weight? You may not be able to when all is said and done. During pregnancy your feet may be swollen, but that can also be the case after you lose all the baby weight. Your feet can permanently go up a whole shoe size.During pregnancy, your body retains a lot of extra fluids and those fluids tend to pool around your feet and ankles, causing them to stretch. Don’t run out to buy new shoes just yet though. Wait to see if you will be one of the lucky ones.

You may get carpal tunnel. Did you know pregnancy can cause you to get carpal tunnel in your arms? If you have experienced any pain in your hands, or tingling in your fingers, you may have it. Since you have so many extra fluids coursing through your body, they extra pressure can settle in your wrists and press on nerves. The best ways to help ease some discomfort is to use a hand brace, and also apply a cold compress to your wrist. Also, try to sleep with your arms by your sides if possible. This one does go away after giving birth, but it might take some time before it goes away completely.

This list is just skimming the top of the barrel, and I bet there are others out there who experience symptoms none of their friends/family had. Did any of these surprise you? Have you experienced them yourself?