Lesser Known Labor Signs

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You have made it this far, and are anxiously awaiting your little one to make his or her big debut. You’re tummy is big, you’re tired ALL the time, and you can barely walk around without losing your breath. How do you know when you are going to go into labor though? Here are some signs to look for to know when the big day is going to get here.

The first sign is when your baby drops. This means your baby will move into your pelvis area. This can happen a few weeks before you’re even going to give birth. You will know when this happens because there will be a lot of pressure on your pelvis, and you will have to pee all the time (remember first trimester?). Baby’s head will be putting extra pressure on your bladder making you have to empty it more often.

You feel more cramps and backpain. Guess what’s back from first trimester as well? Yup, back pain and cramps, except for this it is because baby is getting ready to come out into the world. This is due to your muscles and joints stretching to accommodate baby.

Loose stools. You may notice your stools are a little less solid as your due date nears. All your muscles are relaxing in your body, and that can lead to diarrhea. Keep hydrated and remember it’s a good thing!

You stop gaining weight. Toward the end, weight gain usually levels off and you may even begin dropping a few pounds. Even if you aren’t gaining weight, your baby is, so there is nothing to worry about.

Naps or nesting happens. You may be too exhausted to do anything productive with your big ole belly and that is perfectly normal. Take a load off, relax and take a nap. However, you may go the opposite direction and nest. This may actually happen when you first find out you are pregnant, but by the end all you want to do is get the house in order and organize everything. It’s completely normal one way or another.

There are many more signs of impending labor, including contractions, your water breaking, and losing your mucus plug. These are just a few of the lesser known ones that you may not even be aware exists.