How to Conquer Swelling During Pregnancy

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Being pregnant is a wonderful experience, but it comes with it’s own challenges. One of those challenges is excess fluid which can cause your hands and feet to swell. Each person carries this weight differently, and some of the lucky ones are not effected by it at all.

If you are pregnant during the summer months you have a greater chance of this happening to you and it can lead to other issues, all of which seem to disappear when the baby is born, or shortly after. If you hands and feet swell quickly and do not go back down, contact your provider as this could possible mean something more serious is happening. Otherwise, it is normal to experience this symptom.

There are many ways to combat the swelling, and one of them is to drink more water. It seems silly to add more liquid to your body, but it can help flush out some of that swelling. When your body is dehydrated, it holds on to excess water which can pool around your hands and feet. So drink up!

Another way to help with swelling is to move around. If you are sitting for most of your day at work, even a quick walk to the fridge or water cooler and help move some of the liquid around. Plus, walking is some of the best exercise you can do when pregnant.

Compression socks or wrist braces are a must if the swelling is bothering you. Doctors recommend compression socks to keep things moving after surgery, and the same thing applies to pregnancy. It can help push the excess fluid around.

Make sure you are not wearing shoes that are too restrictive or heels. This can cause extra pinching which can lead to other problems down the road. Heels are especially hard on joints, and since your joints are all stretching, it can be harder to walk in them, and your feet might bother you more. Stick with something that is comfortable.

Prop your feet up. If your feet are swelling, prop them up to help let the fluid drain. Maybe you can also convince your loving partner for a foot rub which would help move the fluid along.

If you are outside for too long and it is humid, try to go somewhere cooler or inside with air conditioning or a fan. You don’t want to get overheated, because that could cause more problems down the road.