Gifts for New Dad

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When you’re creating a baby registry, many moms-to-be usually think about the items they want, and may forget to think about the dad-to-be and what he would enjoy. Will he be happy toting around a floral diaper bag while he is running errands with baby? Probably not. Of course, if you really want that diaper bag, be sure to get it, but maybe also register for a second one so dad feels more comfortable with it.

Here are some great gift ideas for new dad’s or dad’s-to-be that you could also get great use out of.

Diaper bag- Instead of getting a traditional messenger style diaper bag, why not opt for a backpack type? It’s easy to put on, and then you can still strap baby to you (if that’s what you want). Dad can carry it on either shoulder, or both, and he won’t feel out of place carrying it.

Dad Hoodie- Does your man not like to carry bags with him? This hoodie is designed with inside pockets to store diapers, bottles, wipes, etc. This can easily take the place of a diaper bag if that’s what is going to work out better for him. Check them out here:

You Made Me a Dad Book- Admit it. We’ve all seen the ads at some point of the dad reading a customized book about how their baby made them a father. The dad holds his little one and cry’s a little. It’s sweet, and totally worth it to make them feel included. Obviously you need to wait for baby to get here so you can make the characters look right, but how sweet would that be as a post baby present to dad. Don’t forget to record it to remind him how sweet it is.

Matching T-shirts- These are the cutest. Dad’s shirt says one thing, and baby’s says another. One of my personal favorites is “You’re killing me smalls” on dad’s shirt and baby’s onesie (or shirt) says “Smalls”. There are so many options out there to fit your lifestyle and interests. Look on Etsy for shirts like these. If you don’t see one you like, most shops are able to make something customized to what you are looking for.

Baby Carrier- Don’t you swoon when you see a new dad carrying baby in a strap-on baby carrier through the stores? Dad likes it too because he can feel close to baby, but still have his hands free to do other things. Carriers are big, and it’s a great way for new dad to bond with baby, since he wont have the same connection as new mom has. There are so many options out there, including wrap style and clip. Get whichever is right for your situation.

There are so many options for gifts out there for dad. Some are more practical than others, and you should make sure to get something for him that shows you appreciate him, and love him. After all, you may have done all the work growing baby, but he is going to help raise the little boy or girl. You want him to feel involved too.