Exercising During Pregnancy

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Exercise is just as important while pregnant as it is when you’re not. It helps your metabolism, keeps you strong, and can even help keep you limber. Also, since constipation is a big problem during pregnancy, it can help keep things moving down there. Another benefit is regular physical activity can help reduce your risk of pregnancy complications and ease pregnancy discomforts, such as back pain. Always check with your provider before starting any sort of exercise routine to make sure it’s right for you.

Before we dive into some pregnancy safe exercises, we need to touch on when you shouldn’t exercise. If your provider has told you that you have any of the following, please make sure to get permission to exercise, as it may cause more harm than good for you and baby.

You have preterm labor or bleeding from the vagina, or your water breaks (also called ruptured membranes).
You have been told you have a short cervix.
You have gestational hypertension or preeclampsia.
You have placenta previa after 26 weeks of pregnancy.
You have severe anemia or certain heart or lung conditions.

As long as you have not been told any of the following, there should be no reason to not exercise.

So are there some things you should and shouldn’t be doing? YES!

Pregnancy is full of restrictions and exercise is no exception. Obviously anything that could lead to you falling or getting hit in the stomach is off the table. If you take part of anything that can be harmful, it’s best to stop as soon as you find out. MMA and kickboxing will still be there when you give birth. Also, if it is too intense and you aren’t able to carry on a conversation, you need to slow it down. If you’re struggling, that means baby is struggling.

The best form of exercise when pregnant is going to be walking. It’s relatively easy on joints and there are many benefits to you and the baby, especially when you are close to the end of your pregnancy. Walking can help you go into labor!

If you want to do something besides walking, here are some additional ideas for exercise you can do.
-Swimming and water workouts.
-Riding a stationary bike.
-Yoga and Pilates classes (just make sure to not lay on your stomach during any of the stretches)
-Low-impact aerobics classes
-Strength training

If you experience any sort of bleeding after exercising, contact your physician right away to get checked up.