Exciting Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

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So, you have made it to a point in your pregnancy when you feel comfortable to let people know you are expecting. Now what? You want to announce to friends and family (if you haven’t already) in a fun, creative way. After all, this is the age of social media, and everything has to be perfect! The problem you’re now faced with, is how to do it? You’ve seen so many ideas used, everything just blurs together now. I wanted to share some of my personal favorites.

Do you have a pet that you currently love as your child? Why not help get them involved. They will be baby’s big brother or sister after all! You can get a cute picture of your fur baby next to a sign announcing, having them look at a picture of the ultrasound, or even reading the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book. The options are endless. Just make sure you capture their personality as it will be all that more special.

Newest Fan
Are you and your partner big into sports, a character from a movie, or even a video game? Why not announce to the world the newest fan is coming by holding up a cute onesie with whatever you’re a fan of. After all, kids start liking whatever you like growing up.

Do you already have one or more kids at home? Help make it special by getting them involved. It will make them feel 10 feet tall if you tell them they are going to help announce they will be a big brother or sister. And who doesn’t want to build their kids up? However you decide to do this, is up to you. You can have them hold a sign, a picture of the ultrasound picture, or even evict them from their crib (a personal favorite).

Tests or Ultrasounds
Use the positive pregnancy test or ultrasound as props and do something cute or funny. If you and your partner are a bit goofy, go wild and have fun with it. If you are more reserved set up a nice shot that you could hang on a wall.

Are you announcing around a holiday? Pull that in to the announcement! Around Halloween, use a carved pumpkin in the shape of a baby. Put the due date in an Easter egg and hold it open. Is it around Christmas? Maybe use a cute sign saying you’ve been naughty, or even a play on words (silent night’s ending and your due date). There are so many fun ways to pull the holidays in, especially if it is around your favorite one.

The options are endless. Just make sure to have fun while you do it. This is supposed to be a happy time for you and your partner, make sure that shines through however you decide to do it.