Diet and Exercise During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy you will experience bouts of exhaustion and random food cravings. While this is all completely normal, you want to try your best to get exercise in, and still eat a balanced diet (even when all you want to eat is Cheetos).

When you are craving certain foods, it’s usually because your body is in need of certain nutrients. I know, I know, you are taking a prenatal vitamin, but that will only cover you for some of what your body needs to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Doctors and nutritionists always talk about eating the rainbow. This is no different when you’re pregnant. It’s even more important, because these fruits and vegetables are important for the growth of your baby.

Some great snack ideas that are healthy, but can still kick some of those cravings are:
– Hummus and carrots (or cucumbers, or anything else you like).
– Apple slices with nut butter
– Handful of almonds
– 1 oz cheese and crackers
– Protein shake with almond milk (check the label to make sure everything in there is pregnancy safe)
– 1 oz dark chocolate with banana

When you are looking for meal ideas, make sure to focus on protein and vegetables first, and then healthy carbs. This is ensure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need without all the extra calories. If it doesn’t walk, swim, or grow from the Earth naturally, you should limit those items. It sounds, easy, but we all know it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

No one is saying to get rid of your Cheetos for the rest of your pregnancy (I mean, this is supposed to be the time when you can give into the cravings and no one will judge), but maybe limit the amount and make sure to add in some healthy alternatives.

So now that we have fueled your body, hopefully you have a bit more energy to actually try to exercise. Doctor’s recommend getting 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week (everyday if you’re an overachiever). Walking is the easiest form of exercise, and if you are pregnant during the nice weather, you will also get the benefit of fresh air and vitamin D. If walking isn’t you thing, there are so many pregnancy safe exercises you can do. Just make sure you don’t do anything laying on your back (if you are past 1st trimester) and keep the weights light.

Now is not the time for you to be trying to bulk up, or lose weight. Now it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and helping your little bundle of joy grow nice and strong.

Some benefits of exercise include:
– Healthy pregnancy weight
– Easier time during labor
– Easier time to lose weight post baby
– Overall well being

It’s never too late to start eating well or exercising, even if you are new to doing one or both of these things. Keep it up, you got this!