Date Ideas During Pregnancy

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You’re pregnant, and glowing (or sweating depending on the time of year it is). Things are going great so far, but all anyone (including you) wants to talk about is the baby. You and your partner are working through getting the nursery set up, washing baby items, and changing your house around. Nothing is going to be the same. One thing that doesn’t (and shouldn’t) change are date nights.

All mom and dads-to-be still need to spend some quality time together, especially before the baby arrives. Use this time to solidify your relationship, and remind one another how much it means to be able to spend time with the other person. Date nights are the way to do it! Here are some ideas on what you can do (even during the COVID pandemic, if places aren’t open by you).

Watch a movie- Decide on a movie to watch together and pop some popcorn, and enjoy your favorite snacks. The bonus with this is you can blame all your unhealthy snack choices on baby-to-be. After all, those ice cream cravings are coming from somewhere! There are several options for a movie date. You can watch one at home that you own, or rent one, you can get dressed and go to a movie theater, or maybe even a drive-in theater. With the COVID pandemic, a lot of places have brought drive-ins back to help with social distancing!

Go out to eat- This one is an easy one that I’m sure most people have taken advantage of already. Have a lunch or dinner date. You can be as casual or fancy as you want, it’s all about personal preference. Make sure to read the menu choices and order something that is safe and pregnancy approved. Soon enough you will be able to have that glass of wine or beer; but for now, ask the waiter about special mocktails the bartender can create for you.

Play mini golf- Who doesn’t love mini golf? When is the last time you’ve played? I bet it’s been a while. If it has, look for your local mini golf place and let loose. Maybe to up the ante, you can make a wager. Loser has to rub the others feet or back. I’m sure even if you don’t come out on top, your partner will be more than happy to give you a back or foot rub.

Go on a hike- Being outdoors getting fresh air is so good for you and the baby. Why not get some exercise in, and find a local trail to go for an easy hike. Make sure you aren’t doing anything too strenuous and stop to drink lots of water and eat snacks, especially if it is hot outside. You don’t want to get dehydrated. It’s a good way to see nature and escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday lives, even if it’s just for an hour or so. If you want to make it extra special, bring a picnic and eat some lunch before returning.

There are so many date night ideas, the sky really is the limit. Just make sure to check with your provider if you are ever unsure if an activity is going to be unsafe for you or the baby.