Best Pregnancy Pillows

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I don’t know about you guys, but there is one thing I love so much, and that is a good night’s sleep. Sleep is important. It is necessary for not only our physical health but also our mental health. A good night’s sleep can help set the tone for the day and keep you focused all throughout. With that said, in as much as we know that sleep is important, it is also necessary we get the right materials for a good night’s rest. This is especially true for pregnant women. Pregnancy is not easy. It can be very tiring and exhausting and as such, these women need all the sleep they can get. There are some specifically designed sleep aids that can ensure a good night’s rest, and these aids range from pillows to mattresses.
We are going to go over five of the best pregnancy pillows you can get, which will definitely ensure that you get that quality sleep you so desire and deserve.

1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow


-Poly fiber for filling
-Thickness– Medium Plush
-C shaped pillow
This pillow is made by Leachco, which is one of the best pregnancy pillow makers in the business. This pillow is extremely comfortable because of the company’s new innovative comfort design. This pillow is just one of a kind because it provides support for you neck, back, hips and tummy all at the same time. This awesome C-shaped pillow has become the best friend of so many pregnant women out there. Another thing is the pillow is so flexible that you can actually bend it to suit your comfort needs. You can fold it, twist it, or even reverse it as you please.

1. Best body support pillow
2. Sold with various covers
3. Great for relieving hip pressure

1. It’s pretty big for a pillow
2. It can feel very soft sometimes
3. Not so good with heat

2. Queen Rose U-Shaped Total Body Pillow

-Filling– Bionic Polyethylene
-8 inch pillow
-Medium Plush
The number two pillow on this list is the Queen Rose pillow. This total body pillow prides itself on comfort and flexibility. With its awesome U-shaped design, it is perfect for supporting the back and tummy of pregnant women. It is also perfect for joint pains and recovery from injuries. This pillow also so provides you with some flexibility when you use it. You can wrap it around your arm for support, or you could fold it for lounging. Its a great versatile pillow.

1. Incredible versatility
2. Great for lounging
3. Provides back and belly support

1. No variations in color
2. Can be very tiring to carry around
3. Doesn’t do too well in providing head support

3. PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow


-Poly fiber filling
-Loft– 6 inches
-Thickness– plush
PharMeDoc prides itself as one of the leading companies in orthopedic bed pillows, physical wellness and fitness products. This pillow is one of this company’s trademarks and it is designed with full body comfort in mind. This pillow is 62 inches long and 30 inches wide. It is a C-shaped pillow that is extremely versatile and flexible and it provides the best adjustments for your comfort while pregnant.

1. This pillow is great for relieving both back and neck pain
2. It provides good support for your neck if you sleep on your sides
3. It shapes easily

1. If you are tall, then you might want to rethink buying this pillow
2. Can be very difficult to clean
3. May lack quality in seams and strength.

4. Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow


-Dense pillow
-Loft– 4 inches tapered
This Boppy pregnancy wedge pillow is actually one of the best pregnancy pillows out there. It is affordable and is easy to transport due to its size. It is firm and yet, it still provides that comfort that you and your growing baby desperately need. It has a soft cover that not only comes off easily when you want to wash it, it also has a bland/neutral color that goes well with any decoration you choose.

1. Very easy to travel with because of its light weight
2. Provides great support for both your legs and hips
3. You are guaranteed a good night’s sleep, especially during warm conditions

1. Not too good for cradling
2. Some have complained that the pillow is too firm

5. PregnancyPillow Pillow


-Poly fiber filling
-7 inches loft
-Plush density.
This pillow supports almost every of your body while you sleep. It was specifically designed to give you quality nighttime pregnancy support while you sleep. It provides maximum support for your tummy, and additional comfort for your neck, hip, back and head while you sleep. It is 85 inches in length, it is shapeable and you can wrap yourself round it while you sleep. It is very easy to fold and store despite its bulky nature.

1. Has a unique shape
2. It has the best tummy support while sleeping
3. Also provides good support for your head and shoulder.

1. May get too warm to sleep in.
2. Can be too soft for some people
3. It lacks a dual back and tummy support feature.

Now, if you want to purchase any of these pregnancy pillows listed here or any not listed here, I suggest you take a careful look at each of their features as well as their benefits and you should also consider these things;
1. How far along are you in your pregnancy
2. What seasons do you think you’ll be pregnant and also
3. How do you sleep most times at night.