Exciting Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

So, you have made it to a point in your pregnancy when you feel comfortable to let people know you are expecting. Now what? You want to announce to friends and family (if you haven’t already) in a fun, creative way. After all, this is the age of social media, and everything has to be […]

The Infertility Process

How ever you end up getting pregnant it is a wonderful (albeit possibly stressful time) in a women’s life. For some though, getting to the point of being pregnant is a longer road than others. 33 percent of women will undergo some sort of infertility treatment to help them achieve their goal of becoming pregnant. […]

Suffering a Miscarriage

Getting pregnant is one of the most exciting and frightening times in a woman’s life. The initial shock of seeing the positive pregnancy test wears off and fear sets in. Will you be a good parent? Will there be any complications? When should you tell friends and family? All of these are common questions to […]

Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercise is just as important while pregnant as it is when you’re not. It helps your metabolism, keeps you strong, and can even help keep you limber. Also, since constipation is a big problem during pregnancy, it can help keep things moving down there. Another benefit is regular physical activity can help reduce your risk […]

Old Wives Tales to Predict Baby’s Gender

When you are expecting, if you have decided not to find out the gender until you give birth, it is can still be fun to try and guess. There are so many old wives tales that claim to tell you if it is a boy or a girl. If you want to read some of […]