Insomnia During Pregnancy

You’ve heard all about how you won’t sleep once baby gets here, and you are fully prepared to sleep as much as possible until that time. Except for…you can’t. No one warned you about pregnancy induced insomnia! It’s a really thing and can strike at any time, making it nearly impossible to catch any Z’s. […]

Lesser Known Labor Signs

You have made it this far, and are anxiously awaiting your little one to make his or her big debut. You’re tummy is big, you’re tired ALL the time, and you can barely walk around without losing your breath. How do you know when you are going to go into labor though? Here are some […]

Third Trimester Symptoms

You’ve made it through two thirds of your pregnancy! Congratulations! The first 2 seems to go by so quickly, and now the longest part of your pregnancy is here. Time seems to slow down for whatever reason—maybe it’s nerves, or maybe it’s excitement to meet your little one. Here are some things to expect this […]

What is the Linea Nigra?

If you are further along in your pregnancy, you may have noticed a line form down the middle of your belly. The longer you are pregnant, the darker it seems to get. What exactly is it, and why does it look different on everyone, or why do some people not even get it? That wonderful […]

Sciatica During Pregnancy

You’re well on your way through your pregnancy. You knew to expect the morning sickness, frequent urination, and even the fatigue. One thing you didn’t expect to deal with is sciatic pain. Ouch! For those of you who don’t know, your sciatic nerve runs down your lower back and into your leg. If this is […]