8 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

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Almost every pregnant woman knows there are things she cannot eat or drink, and most of them are pretty standard. No alcohol, and no cold deli meat are some examples. But did you know there are a lot more things on that list you should be looking out for?

Here are eight foods you shouldn’t consume while pregnant.

1. High mercury fish. Now, this one is a bit fishy (get it?) because it’s not that you can’t eat it, you just have to have it in small quantities. Fish like tuna and Salmon are actually very good for mom and baby due to the high Omega-3 fatty acids, but it needs to be consumed in moderation. If you choose tuna, look for light chuck or stay under 6 oz. a week. Same with salmon. No more than 6 oz. a week.

2. Under cooked anything. Any type of chicken, meat or eggs can be bad as it can carry bacteria like e. coli and listeria. Make sure you are cooking your meat all the way through. You will be able to get that steak medium rare soon enough.

3. Unpasteurized Milk, Cheese, and Juice. In the United States this one is fairly easy to follow because most cheese and milk sold in stores is pasteurized. Be on the look out for soft cheeses such as Brie or Feta, as these ones sometimes are not.

4. Poorly washed fruits and veggies, or raw sprouts. Just like under cooked meat, these foods can harbor a lot of bacteria that can be unhealthy for your unborn baby. Make sure to wash fruits and vegetables before you eat them, and forgo the sprouts for now.

5. Caffeine. This one is tough for many mom’s to be. But what about my daily coffee? The good news is, you can have this in moderation. Stick to under 200mg of caffeine a day (or 2 cups of coffee). Maybe skip the energy drinks for now.

6. High sodium foods. With baby growing you have a lot of extra fluid in your body and a high sodium diet can cause your face, hands, and feet to swell. Make sure if you are eating salty foods (we all have our cravings), that you flush it out with a lot of water.

7. Soda. This is loaded with sugar, caffeine, and empty calories. Try to avoid sugar as it is doing nothing to help you or baby with hydration.

8. Processed snacks. Okay, this one can be really hard to avoid when you are pregnant (cheese curls anyone?) but you want to put food in your body that are loaded with nutrients for you and your growing baby. Next time you are craving something, try for come carrots and hummus, or even an apple.