5 Tips for Surviving a Summer Pregnancy

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Summer is upon us. The days are getting longer and hotter, and the nights don’t do much to combat the heat. It’s easy to get overheated in this kind of weather, especially when pregnant. Here are five tips for how to stay cool this summer for those of us who don’t have access to a pool, lake, or beach.

1. Hydrate. I know, I know. Doctors, blogs and advice columns all say the same thing; but if everyone is telling you that, LISTEN! Your body needs more water now while pregnant, then any other time. Try to stay clear of juices and sodas that are high in sugar and calories. Instead, sip on some cold water infused with fruit, or even a seltzer water for some extra fizz.

2. Summer dresses. They are comfortable, and keep you cool. Make sure you look for some loose fitting ones, like a maxi dress, or shorter so you can stay cool.

3. Portable fan. If you happen to be outside a lot or don’t have the luxury of A/C, keep a small portable fan close by. They even have ones that will stray your face with water which helps to cool you down even more.

4. Shade. When you are outside, try to find shady spots to relax in. You will still feel the heat, but you can avoid the rays of the sun. If you do insist on sitting in the sun, make sure you load up on sunscreen.

5. Eat light and/or cold meals. Something that is chilled will feel nice and refreshing, especially after being in the hot sun all day. There are tons of different meals that are light and satisfying, and won’t leave your stomach feeling heavy.